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The Morvan is a beautiful, hilly, natural parc full of treasures to be discovered. Woods, pittoresque villages, beautiful lakes and interesting sites are the perfect decor for your holiday in Burgundy. The Morvan is situated in the middle of Burgundy and this situation allows you to make daytours the all the reknowned sites: Cluny, Beaune and the surrounding wine district, V├ęzelay and of course Dijon, former capital of the Dukes of Burgundy. For hiking and biking the Morvan has many tracks to offer, so you can either enjoy the quiet and unspoilt landscape or explore famous cultural and historic treasures. Both guarantee an unforgettable experience.

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The Morvan is a hilly area with heights between 200 and 900 meter, the landscape is cut by several small rivers, sandy roads and walking tracks. You'll find several routes through the area and will encounter beautiful views, sleepy villages, Roman churches, interested Charolais cows and local markets.

The walkingcircuits vary from 5 to 24 km and are partly marked. You can start directly from La Mortaise or go to one of the other startingpoints nearby as Chissey-en-Morvan, Autun, Anost or the Lac des Settons.

The Morvan is a lovely area for bikers, both cyclists and motorbikes. Outside the main axes the roads are deserted and you can bike safely. But the Morvan is also hilly so from time to time you'll have to climb uphill. Once on the top you're always rewarded by a beautiful view and a relaxing descend.

We have prepared 15 routes for you on detailed maps. You can make a trip to Sully, Autun, Arnay le Duc and the Lac des Settons. A good bicycle is necessary, but we have high quality rental bikes available.


In total there are some 2300 (!) kilometres of marked routes available for mountainbikers. You can start from various places in the Morvan to explore the area. We have an overview of all these tracks and have also explored a few extra ones ourselves. Of course you can store your bike safely and maintain it at our bed and breakfast.






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